Ben Smith from ‘The Bachelorette’: Everything you need to know


It’s going to be the war of the roses.

After getting delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic, “The Bachelorette” is finally going to premiere on ABC on Tuesday, October 13.

While fans try to uncover whether Clare Crawley, 39, will actually be replaced by Tayshia Adams as rumored, they’re also digging up dirt on the many men competing for love this season.

Contestant Ben Smith apparently gets serious with Adams, 30, when she allegedly takes over the show, as reported by TV blogger Reality Steve.

Smith is a 29-year-old “sweet Midwestern boy with California dreamboat good looks,” according to his show bio. The Army Ranger veteran attended the US Military Academy, West Point. However, he suffered a “life-changing back injury,” leading him to step away from active duty.

The Venice Beach, Calif., resident now works as a personal trainer. His Instagram is chock-full of workout shots.

“Wonderful guy. This guy is the gentle giant of the season,” said host Chris Harrison, when announcing the season‘s cast of suitors. “[He] has an incredible story, unbelievable service to our country… It was really a pleasure and an honor to get to know this gentleman.”

He’s not entirely perfect, though. “He’s a big talker, and a long talker,” warned Harrison. “You get Ben going, it’s hard to get him to stop.”

Smith is “ready to get married” and wants to settle down and start a family. He wants a spouse who has strong communication skills and is emotionally available. (Don’t we all?) His ideal partner also needs to be willing to cheer him on when he enters a dance-off.

Let’s hope Crawley or Adams is willing to go into battle with him.

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