Biden Cancels American Jobs While Selling Books for His Criminal Son


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Charlotte, NC — Millions of Americans tuned in on Sunday to the Super Bowl where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs. President Joe Biden decided to take the opportunity ahead of the event to do a PR stunt. It was nothing more than a glorified book sale.

During the interview, Joe Biden shamelessly plugged Hunter Biden’s new book which is scheduled to hit shelves soon. He said that he was proud of the honesty that he stepped forward with to tell his story. You can see his comments below.

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“The honesty with which he stepped forward and talked about the problem,” Pres. Biden says of his son Hunter’s memoir on his struggles with addiction, “it gave me hope.””It was like my boy’s back,” Pres. Biden tells us. More ahead of the Super Bowl, only on @CBS

It’s interesting to hear these words from a President who claimed that he never speaks with this son about his business dealings. He directly denied any conversation with Hunter about his business dealings in Ukraine or China before he was elected.

Apparently, that has gone away now that he is President. His family is back in their normal situation of receiving special treatment due to daddy Joe’s position. Hunter received massive publicity thanks to his father’s comments.

Yet again, Joe Biden used his position to benefit his family. Even though he said before he was elected that his family would use a code of conduct for his family to ensure high levels of ethical conduct. He must have forgotten about that one already.

He has no issue using his position to benefit his family time and again. He did it while Vice President in Ukraine and China, and now as President of the United States. All the while, everyday Americans are the ones that are losing their jobs.

He has already cost the country thousands, thanks to canceling the Keystone XL pipeline. He has cost our economy billions of dollars and he is not done yet. With his new push for a $15 minimum wage, millions of jobs will be lost. That’s not even considering the billions in additional deficits that would be added according to the CBO.

That’s not the actions of someone that is promoting unity. That’s the actions of someone that is willing to conduct an illegal quid pro quo in Ukraine and lie about it. That’s the actions of someone that’s willing to cover up for their son when a laptop with countless pieces of evidence is found.

So while President Biden thought he was simply taking the opportunity to do a feel-good press interview, while promoting his son’s book. He actually told the American people that he could care less about them.

Joe Biden has not interested in helping Americans “build back better.” The only thing that Joe Biden is interested in building is his family’s wealth.

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