Biden Solves COVID Crisis, Allegedly


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Washington DC — Over the last year, the left has regurgitated the same trope of not politicizing the coronavirus pandemic. Just wear a mask. It is only 15 days to flatten the curve. Stay home and save lives. And yet, if the last couple of weeks are proof enough, the Red Guard cartel – the Democratic Party, the big-box media, and The Experts – had been the purveyors of politicization, panic, and pretense as part of a crusade to oust former President Donald Trump from the Oval Office in the 2020 election. Now that President Joe Biden runs the show, it is as if the United States is in the home stretch, all thanks to competent and effective leadership.

But if the neo-Maoists possessed a single dose of truth serum, they would have balanced veracity and objective journalism. So, what playbook is President Biden running off now that he is quarterbacking the pandemic? His predecessor’s.

Calling The Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier Cavalry

The Biden administration will tap the Defense Production Act (DPA) to ramp up the manufacturing of personal protective equipment (PPE) – masks, gloves, and other supplies – and COVID-19 testing. The latest use of the wartime powers will be utilized to increase domestic testing capabilities and produce 61 million at-home and point-of-care tests that are slated to be available by the end of the summer.

According to a Department of Defense fact sheet, more than 1,100 active-duty troops will be deployed to five state vaccination sites. They will be broken into teams of 222 soldiers.

Some of America’s biggest businesses are chipping in, too. The NFL is offering the president all 30 football stadiums as mass coronavirus vaccination sites. Amazon penned a letter to the White House, offering to help with the vaccine rollout. Where was this private sector help back in the Trump days?

These efforts should come as no surprise. During the presidential campaign, the Biden team unveiled a laundry list of strategies to tackle the public health crisis. From more testing to tapping the DPA to vaccinating one million Americans per day, the administration, according to CNN, “must ‘start from scratch’” because it did not inherit a plan.

But is 46 doing anything different from 45? If you were to only listen to the Press Corps or believe anything emanating from the mouths of current administration officials, former President Trump was sitting inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and telling everyone to inject bleach and bathe in sunlight to beat the respiratory illness that has infected nearly 27 million Americans.

Plagiarism And Convenience

Anyone who combed through the facts and details of Trump’s response to the pandemic would highlight aggressive plans to defeat the virus.

As president, Trump used the DPA three-dozen times to speed up PPE production and vaccine supplies. He also established Operation Warp Speed, a private-public partnership that led to vaccinations with at least a 95% efficacy rate. These treatments were conveniently announced almost immediately after Trump lost the election.

The U.S. ranked near the top of testing and contract tracing. Even in the realm of vaccinations, the U.S. was already on track to inoculate one million Americans per day as Trump finished his term, the same plan that Biden put forward when he took office.

So, what is different? Three things. The first is that President Biden signed an executive order that mandated the wearing of face masks on federal property, a measure that he and his team keep violating. The second is that blue states and cities are beginning to reopen their economies, despite the numbers being relatively the same as when they hardened their lockdowns and restrictions. The third is that the World Health Organization (WHO) issued new guidelines for PCR tests, conceding that the previous ones were inconstant.

Liberty Nation’s Pennel Bird wrote in January:

“So when the WHO announced new guidelines for COVID-19 PCR tests a mere one hour after the Biden inauguration, it was just an extension of its cynical modus operandi of timing everything for maximum political effect to serve its agenda.”

The situation in the U.S., and even around the world, is beginning to improve. Domestically, the seven-day average of new infections has been cut in half to around 125,000, and deaths have stagnated at around 3,000.

The Chronicles Of COVID-19

Historians regularly blame former President Herbert Hoover for the Great Depression and credit his successor, former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, for saving America from the pits of destitution. In the future, academics will incorrectly assign blame to Trump and wrongly proclaim that Biden saved America from respirators and a deepening financial crisis. In both instances, the data and the timeline suggest the chroniclers are mistaken. Whether it is the growing number of Americans getting vaccinated or households too frightened to leave their humble abodes, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it is not President Biden’s pearly whites.

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