Caitlyn Jenner Could Recall Not Just Gov. Newsom, but Democratic Pandering in California


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Los Angeles, CA — Although there is no official word on the current state of the California governor recall, one thing is for sure, both Gavin Newsom and Democrats across The Golden State are worried, and for good measure.

According to, opponents of California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom needed to collect 1,495,709 valid signatures to trigger a recall election against him. And on April 26, the state announced that they had turned in at least 1,626,042.2. As a result, a statewide gubernatorial recall election (only the fourth in American history) could occur in the fall.

For nearly a generation, Democrats across America, but particularly in California, have intentionally pandered to the rights of gender identity and pushed inclusivity down the throats of The United States. But now, they just may have met their match in “one of their own.”

On April 23, 2021Caitlyn Jenner, the Olympic gold medalist with a reality-show family, announced Friday that she would run for Governor of California. But on Tuesday, Jenner, who publicly came out as a trans woman in April 2015, told TMZ that banning participation of transgender student-athletes in girls’ competitive sports is “a question of fairness,” the same position Republican leaders in red states have taken.

According to Politico, her remarks angered LGBTQ activists in California and served as another early signal to voters unfamiliar with her political positions. The heavily Democratic state has been in the vanguard on transgender rights, including the passage of a 2014 law protecting the right of transgender students to play sports that correspond with their gender identity.

So how do democrats counter one of their “own?” Simple — they cannot compete successfully — and here’s why. For nearly 20 years, California has unilaterally tried to lead the charge for a more progressive and liberal national ideology, subjugating Americans into somehow believing that social preferences and lifestyles warrant local, state, and federal overhauls and referendums.

Now, it would appear that the battle lines are drawn — a lame-duck pandering politician in Gavin Newsom versus a bona fide national hero to some, who seems happy in her lifestyle, but rejects “liberal science” for common sense.

While I do not personally agree with the lifestyle of Caitlyn Jenner, one thing is for sure; she seems determined to use generations-long pandering policies against the entrenched political establishment that has bankrupted the state of California. There is no doubt that Democrats will turn their back on Jenner and those who support her efforts to take the governor’s chair; however, how they do it could spell disaster and expose the lie that is their LGBTQ support.

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