Deshaun Watson’s Texans outrage appears to be getting worse by the day


The Texans and Deshaun Watson at least have something in common.

They both appear dead-set in how they see the franchise quarterback’s future playing out. New Texans GM Nick Caserio said they have “zero interest” in trading Watson on Friday.

According to NBC Sports’ Chris Simms, Watson will never put on a Texans uniform again.

“There’s no way that Deshaun Watson will play for the Houston Texans again,” Simms said on “Pro Football Talk,” according to “I have been told by somebody that I trust that says Deshaun Watson will not play for the Houston Texans ever again, and he’s willing to sit out football for the year if he has to.

“That’s where I’ve been led to understand this situation and where it’s at right now, and like I said, it’s someone that I trust very much.”

Watson has officially requested that the Texans trade him and it’s possible the team is publicly playing hardball in order drive up the cost for the franchise quarterback. The Houston Chronicle reported that any discussion for Watson would have to start with two first-round picks, two second-round picks and two young defensive starters.

The Jets and Dolphins are considered among the frontrunners for Watson.

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