Hope is still found in Christmas


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Charlotte, NC — This year has certainly been filled with a lot of unique events. At this time last year, we had just learned about the coronavirus that was spreading rapidly in China. Little did we know just how quickly it would overwhelm the world.

Millions have been infected, and thousands have died. People across the world have suffered at the hands of government shutdowns that have shuttered businesses and destroyed livelihoods.

While the whole world dealt with a pandemic, we experienced social issues here at home. The country was overtaken by left-wing riots that caused destruction and chaos. Under their cries for equality and justice was a hate-filled agenda. An agenda that was out to destroy the freedoms that we love each day.

Democrat leaders across the country failed to put an end to the violence. They allowed lawlessness to persist and, in turn, left many without hope. Millions of Americans went to vote in an attempt to direct the future of the country.

For millions, that very process has created significant doubts as well. Multiple instances of voter fraud have been found. Democrats and the mainstream media overlook those things in favor of a man who has profited millions off his relationship with the same Chinese responsible for the coronavirus.

It’s even more clear now than ever. We simply cannot trust anything that the left tells us. They are corrupt, and their partners, the mainstream media, are spreading lies like there is no tomorrow.

That is the worry of many Americans. They are worried that there very well may be no tomorrow if the radical agenda is not controlled. They are concerned about their future, their kid’s future, and our country’s future.

Thankfully, we are at a time of year that reminds us that even amid all the chaos of this world, we still have hope.

We certainly cannot hope and trust in our elected officials. We cannot trust the countries around us. The truth is, we cannot trust in anything of this world. Our hope is not found in this world.

Christmas reminds the Christians around the world that our hope is in someone that is much bigger than all of these things. That hope did not end in a manger in Bethlehem, but that is where it began. It began with the birth of Jesus Christ, the reason for the holiday celebration.

We were founded as a Judeo-Christian nation. One that believed that God divinely ordained that all people were entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

While many on the left will tell you that we have failed to uphold those values, their motives teach us the need for us to hold on to our hope. They openly promote evil, violence, and destruction. Rather than promoting those God-given rights that our founding fathers recognized, they are on a mission to strip them away one by one.

This Christmas, we all need to remember the hope that we have. It is not a hope in a Republican or Democrat. This is not about Trump or Biden. This is about hope in the one described in Luke 2 as “a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.”

A Christmas Full of Unknowns

Over 2,000 years ago, the world experienced an event that changed it forever. For Christians, we understand the birth of Christ and the important role that it plays in our faith and in our world. It’s a crucial part of our faith.

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