How one Florida precinct managed a 103 percent voter turnout


A voting precinct in Florida has a turnout of more than 102 percent — but county officials said there’s a simple explanation for the eye-popping statistic.

The turnout total in precinct 538 in Orange County, which covers the city of Orlando, is possible because voters in the Sunshine State can update their address after the deadline to register to vote.

In Orange County, 754 voters had registered in precinct 538 by the Oct. 6 deadline, the county said on Twitter.

But between then and now, a number of voters updated their addresses to reflect their residence in the precinct, the county said.

“There were some Florida voters that updated their address, putting them in precinct 538, and they voted! Making the number that voted in precinct 538 over the 754 that were registered on Oct. 6th,” the county wrote.

Florida is traditionally a hotly contested swing state in every presidential election. Polls leading up to Tuesday show President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden in a virtual dead heat in the state.

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