Kroger offers workers $100 bonus to get COVID-19 vaccine


Got the jab? Here’s the cash.

Kroger supermarket executives came up with an ingenious way to motivate employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine, offering any workers who get inoculated a $100 bonus.

All company employees, which include about 500,000 people in 35 states, are eligible for the one-time offer, NPR reported Friday.

Workers must take the full manufacturer-recommended dose. Those who can’t get the vaccine for medical or religious reasons will be allowed to complete an education and safety course in order to receive their payment.

Kroger is following in the footsteps of grocery chain Aldi, which is giving workers two hours of pay per dose received. Dollar General also offered employees four hours of paid time. “We do not want our employees to have to choose between receiving a vaccine or coming to work,” the chain said last month.

More than 58 million doses of the vaccines have been delivered throughout the U.S.. But only about 36.8 million of those doses have been administered, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported. Less than 7.5 million people have received their full inoculation.

The CDC categorizes grocery workers as frontline essential workers, the same group as firemen and cops, public transportation workers and manufacturers.

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