Left-wing bigotry’s Northwestern U power play


Sigh: Give-the-left-whatever-it-wants “leadership” is taking over yet another top US university, as Northwestern University officials move to kill a plan to make the campus a Chicago-area ROTC hub approved under retiring President Morton Shapiro.

Shapiro, a principled, old-school liberal we’ve praised in the past,  had OK’d the agreement reached by then-Provost Jonathan Holloway (now president of Rutgers) with the US Air Force to consolidate Reserve Officer Training Corps programs in the Windy City. (The school is already a Navy ROTC hub, and the expansion has the support of the Illinois congressional delegation.)

But as Shapiro exits, Mirian Sherin, the associate provost for undergraduate education, has taken point on the expansion — and she’s out to stop it, on the grounds that ROTC is inconsistent with “university values.”

In fact, ROTC is a boon for students who choose it, providing financial assistance as well as structure and a foot up in future careers, especially in the military. Nor should progressives turn up their noses at joining: America needs an officer corps that reflects the full civilian range of opinion.

Left-wing bigotry has enough power in American academia already. Is this really what NU’s trustees want?

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