Letters to the Editor — Feb. 8, 2021


The Issue: The Biden administration’s decision not to push for school openings despite the science.

What is wrong with our elected leaders (“Joe gets an ‘F,’  ” Feb. 5)?

Do they have no common sense? No backbone? No concern for the future?

The Centers for Disease Control said there is no scientific reason that teachers need vaccinations before returning to classrooms.

This is what happens when unions and corporations are allowed to fund political campaigns. Winning candidates become beholden to their benefactors.

Come on, Mr. President, state governors and city mayors: Demand that all schools open with full staffs for classroom teaching or there will be no monetary compensation for anyone.

Remember what President Ronald Reagan did to the striking air traffic controllers 40 years ago? You can take similar meritorious action right now to open all schools. Let’s get it done.

Bill DeRycke

Sandy, Utah

Let’s be honest: Biden is just doing what the left wants when it comes to our children going back to school.

And what the left wants is America to live in fear and follow the garbled messages of Anthony Fauci and union leaders. The last thing on their minds is helping our children. Joe Nugent

Staten Island

It should surprise no one that President Biden is keeping schools closed. He is only following orders, which is all he’ll ever do as the reputed “president.”

The Democrats, and Biden especially, will do as they’re told by the teachers and all government worker unions. These are enormous donors to Democrats, and in return, they get what they want in salaries and benefits.

The problem here is that millions of children are the victims. Teachers and administrators stay home and get paid. It’s the kids who cannot be taught virtually, who do not learn virtually and who suffer from a lack of information and socialization with their peers and friends.

Richard Klitzberg

Boca Raton, Fla.

For months, we’ve been hearing from leading Democrats that we need to “follow the science.” CDC chief Rochelle Walensky has basically said that K-8 schools can reopen safely.

A number of studies have backed up her statement, yet the Biden administration dismisses these facts and bows to teachers’ unions that want to remain home.

While we always hear the mantra from these people “It’s about the kids,” it appears to be more about the politicians and the teachers who support them.

Peter Kelly, Hazlet, NJ

These teachers who don’t want to teach are a bunch of lazy phonies who don’t want to work, and they’re using the pandemic as an excuse.

They should label teachers as essential workers and force them to work. If they don’t like it, get the hell out of teaching.

I am not dissing all of them. There are many good teachers who can’t or won’t go against the union. Then they tell you they care about the children. What garbage.

Saul Mishaan


Grandpa Biden doesn’t even adhere to the CDC findings on opening up schools.

In fact, the only people who agree with Biden are the members of the teachers’ unions, who get to sit at home and collect a paycheck.

Kids are suffering — some are even suicidal — but that doesn’t stop the Democratic union officials. They’re a pathetic bunch of selfish people who couldn’t care less about the kids they are supposed to support.

Vincent Conti

Staten Island

It’s obvious that Biden isn’t listening to the scientific data presented by his own CDC chief, who noted that schools can be reopened safely without teachers being vaccinated.

No, he’s only listening to that ka-ching sound coming from the teachers’ unions.

As usual, the welfare of this wayward Democratic Party trumps the welfare of the American people.

James Hyland


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