Letters to the Editor — March 16, 2021


The Issue: Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s remark blaming on Donald Trump for the spike in border crossings.

When is Rep. Nancy Pelosi going to get off her “Let’s blame Donald Trump for every ill in the world” kick (“Pelosi: Don’s fault,” March 15)?

Why will she not admit that the influx of children coming over the Mexican border unattended is due to President Biden ending Trump policies on immigration immediately after taking office?

These children have nowhere to go, and many are coming over with COVID-19.

It’s time she and her party took responsibility for the changes they have made since Jan. 20.

Paul Baden

Matawan, NJ

I just want Democrats to know that no matter how many lies they tell about everything being Trump’s fault, most Americans know this is entirely false.

We wouldn’t have the vaccine without Trump’s leadership.

Under Trump, the border would be secure from illegal immigrants and unaccompanied teens, and I would definitely feel much safer about our defenses and the Middle East.

Joann Mirone

Old Greenwich

The crisis at the border was addressed and largely solved by the Trump administration.

It is now a travesty due to Biden’s faulty policies.

It is high time Biden puts an end to his “blame Don” games and realizes his own accountability.

Peter Liman

Glen Rock, NJ

I’ve never held political office, but it doesn’t take a career politician to solve our current problems.

The border needs to be closed and construction of the wall needs to be continued. Are politicians putting their hatred for Trump ahead of doing what has worked?

Immigrants need to apply for asylum before they get in the country. It’s the only way to control the system.

At the current rate of illegal border crossings, by Independence Day, there will be more than an additional 600,000 potential COVID-spreaders in our country, and President Biden says it will be safer.

Come on, man — get with a common-sense approach.

Donald Riccio

Manchester, Conn.

Good try, Speaker Pelosi, but you can’t blame Trump for the 2021 border crisis.

Biden owns this crisis and everything that comes with it — COVID-19, drugs, human trafficking and the eventual deaths of both illegal immigrants and United States citizens.

Robert Neglia

The Bronx

Thank you for the editorial “Pelosi’s Lunatic ‘Love’ Excuse” (March 13).

Now that the “Pied Piper of Pennsylvania Avenue” has promulgated his policy of luring the children of Central America into the thralldom of the transnational criminal cartels, who are profiting mightily from their human trafficking of them, how dare Pelosi refer to this as a “love of children”?

And what of the concomitant distraction of the border agents, who are now occupied with babysitting duties, potentially allowing the cartels to freely smuggle the Chinese fentanyl and Mexican methamphetamine through our so-called “borders”? Would Nancy call this “humane” as well?

James E. Evans

Worcester, Mass.

The Trump administration created a number of disincentives for migrants trying to come to the border by forcing them to stay in another country while the paperwork was handled. Dismantling these effective policies has led to chaos and the high number of unaccompanied children arriving at our doorstep.

Pelosi’s comments about these children coming to our borders as an “act of love” is indicative of how delusional Democrats have become in regard to immigration policy.

Would she let a 9-year-old child from her family walk from San Francisco to New York with no supervision? I highly doubt it.

Peter Kelly

Hazlet, NJ

Isn’t it ironic that while Biden has allowed barbed-wire barricades and soldiers around DC to keep the legal citizens out, he has opened up the southern border to allow illegal immigrants who are possibly virus carriers in to infect us?

Craig Casey


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