Liberals Now Claiming the COVID-19 Vaccine is Racist


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Charlotte, N.C. — During the Spring, Democrats across America claimed that the coronavirus was racist, discriminating unjustly against African Americans and other minority groups. The new liberal lie is that the recently released COVID-19 vaccine is also inherently racist and unfairly continuing to leave minorities in America exposed and at risk of death. 

According to a recent study by The Undefeated and the Kaiser Family Foundation’s (KFF), 49% of Black people in America said they’ll either probably or not take a COVID-19 vaccine. It would appear that Black communities remain mostly skeptical about the vaccine, and the Democratic Party is jumping at the chance to further distract from the truth regarding this disease. 

According to, what truly stands in the way of the Black community’s trust in the COVID-19 vaccine today is a complete lack of faith in the government’s desire or will to protect Black people in this pandemic. What is ironic is these same individuals who distrust the government to provide a rapid and reliable vaccine do trust the government enough to offer monthly subsidies for education, food, and housing. also stated that systemic racism had influenced our country’s COVID-19 response (or lack thereof), resulting in increased risk for Black communities in particular. Black people are disproportionately employed as essential workers, meaning that many cannot shelter at home and socially distance themselves. This harm has been compounded by the fact that most essential jobs do not provide paid sick leave and many predominantly Black neighborhoods lack hospitals

Even if Black people leave their communities for hospital care, they are often turned away or released without receiving necessary treatment. Instead of addressing these issues, government officials have blamed Black people for racial inequities in COVID-19 infections and deaths, using unsubstantiated claims of biological, genetic, or cultural differences. 

Since Barack Obama’s presidency, Democrats have used skin color as the reason for African Americans’ and other minority classes’ struggle in America. Now for liberals, it would appear that skin color is the root cause of COVID-19 infection and death rates for nonwhite Americans. For the left, when it doubt, blame race! 

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The Time is Up for Moderate Politicians

On Thursday, ABC, led by their esteemed entourage of liberal-reporters, conjured a story on the racism behind the COVID-19 vaccine. That’s right; you heard correct – skin-color is not only an issue with the coronavirus but also the vaccine created to cure it.  According to The Undefeated and The Kaiser Family Foundation, nearly half of Black adults say they will not take the COVID19 vaccine even if scientists declare it safe.

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