‘Macho’ man opens up about accepting son’s wish to be UK’s youngest drag queen


A self-proclaimed “macho” dad has recalled how he went from being “hurt” that his son wanted to be the UK’s youngest drag queen — to being the “proudest dad in the world” when he saw his first performance.

Darren Butler told the Daily Mail that he had “expectations” that son Fabian — now an 11-year-old performer known as Francheska Valley — would follow his footsteps and box and play soccer.

“When he started dressing up, I was in denial,” he said of his son who was just five when he started wearing his mom’s makeup and jewelry at their home in Gwent in Wales.

“When I spoke to my wife about it and realized that it wasn’t a phase, I was hurt,” he admitted, saying there were “a lot of tears” when they fought over his son’s dress-up.

It also sparked lots of “disagreements” with his wife, Rachel, who encouraged their son’s newfound interest.

He begrudgingly went to his Fabian’s first performance, saying he was “really nervous” before his son performed Ariana Grande’s “God is a Woman” in front of 200 people on stage.

“But as soon as I saw how happy he was on stage, I could see how much it meant to him,” the told the Mail.

“It brought a tear to my eye and I realized he can’t live his life through my eyes. He has to live his dream, not my dreams.

“I am the proudest dad in the world.”

The dad now takes his son to his drag gigs — and even helps him shop for outfits and jewelry, he told the UK paper.

“I’m definitely making progress,” he said, with his support bringing the family closer together.

Fabian said he was “so happy” his dad supports him.

“My favorite thing is when he tells me he loves me because it means a lot to me,” he told the UK paper.

“It’s brought us together and all I’ve ever wanted is for my dad to support me and be proud of me.”

Fabian insisted, “No matter what age you are, you should do what you love and live your best life.”

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