Man reportedly dies outside Mexican hospital after being denied entry


A 48-year-old man suffering from a kidney ailment died on the doorstep of a Mexican hospital when medical staff refused to let him in — despite his son’s tearful pleas, according to reports.

Heartbreaking footage posted on Twitter shows the boy on his knees weeping and knocking on the door — but is seemingly ignored by someone on the other side of the glass doors, Mexican News Daily reported.

The man, identified only as Ricardo, was declared dead outside the Victorio de la Fuente Narvaez Trauma and Orthopedics Hospital in Mexico City when paramedics finally arrived to check on the man, that paper said.

His family said they took Ricardo to the hospital because he was suffering from shortness of breath, and had an unspecified kidney ailment.

“The truth is I can’t describe what it was,” the man’s sister said. “I got out to ask for help but the guard closed the door and told us to take him to Clinic 24.”

They said he was denied a bed at five other medical facilities before his death.

The incident, which took place last week, has now prompted an investigation by health care officials, who suspect the victim was denied access because staffers feared he suffered from COVID-19 — despite his son’s pleas to the contrary.

“We had a conversation with the director of the hospital, Fryda Medina Rodriguez, who I asked to carry out an investigation about several important facts that have to be clarified,” said Zoe Robledo, director of the Mexican Social Security Institute.

“The vital signs of the patient at the time of arrival also have to be clarified,” Robledo said. “It might be thought that this is the product of the saturation of hospitals when that’s not the case.”

Mexico has been hard hit by the global pandemic in recent weeks, and officials say 82 percent of hospital beds in Mexico City are occuped by COVID-19 patents.

The story was originaly reported by the Spanish-language newspaper Milenio.

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