Mike Pence’s fly from VP debate is now a Halloween costume


This common house pest is now a Halloween prop.

The enormous fly that took a liking to Vice President Mike Pence’s hair during Wednesday’s debate with Kamala Harris is now available as a Halloween costume. The little bugger — which took refuge on Pence’s hair for a full two minutes and quickly triggered dozens of Twitter parody accounts — is available as a “Debate Fly Wig” combo with a gray hairpiece for $49.95 from the site 3Wishes.

“MAKE YOUR HEAD GREAT AGAIN! Look fly and steal the spotlight at your next party with this Debate Fly Wig, perfect for when being a fly on the wall just won’t do!” reads the accompanying product description, which includes the fly, a “deluxe, high quality silver white wig” and an American flag lapel pin. Alas, Pence’s suit, dress shirt and red tie are not included; nor is the plexiglass partition that separated him and Harris due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The foraging fly took social media by storm during the debate, and some folks have since suggested that “Saturday Night Live” recruit “The Fly” actor Jeff Goldblum to play the intrepid insect when the show returns to Studio 8H — with host Bill Burr, but not booted musical guest Morgan Wallen — this weekend.

If an insect- or politics-centric Halloween costume isn’t sultry enough for you this year, there are lots of other topical — and oddly sexy — getups to consider. The offerings include a bottle of hand sanitizer, a revealing “Tiger King” getup inspired by the hit Netflix docuseries and a mail-in election ballot. But if you’re looking for something truly scary, you can always go with a $180 off-putting “Karen” mask sparked by real-life white women who don’t seem able to mind their own business.

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