Militia member planned to pose as pizza worker to kill Gov. Whitmer: feds


The militia members behind the plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer talked about one of them posing as a pizza-delivery guy to kill her and also “taking out” Virginia’s governor, a judge heard Tuesday.

FBI agent Richard Trask, testifying in Michigan court as the judge heard arguments on whether to release three of the suspects on bond, detailed how members of several militia groups allegedly spent the summer months planning the potentially deadly upheaval.

The groups were allegedly angry over lockdown measures amid COVID-19.

“Have one person go to her house, and when she answers, just cap her,’’ suspect Daniel Harris allegedly told his cohorts at one point, referring to Whitmer.

He allegedly added that they could “mug the pizza guy’’ and take his shirt and ring her doorbell and “take a pistol and three rounds.’’

They also talked about “taking out” Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, though Trask didn’t mention the governor by name.

“They discussed possible targets, taking a sitting governor, specifically issues with the governor of Michigan and Virginia based on the lockdown orders,” Trask said.

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