NYC woman reunited with dog lost after crash that killed fiancé


Finally, some good news!

Nearly a week after a tragic car crash claimed a Brooklyn woman’s fiancé’s life and their dog ran from the scene, she finally cracked a smile when her pooch was found.

“After all this, I’m just like wow. It’s the first time I’ve smiled since everything,” AnnMarie Fasano told The Post Friday. “My baby’s home.”

“This dog car survived a fatal car crash, across the belt parkway, lived on snow in a wooded area near a golf course during a snowstorm and he’s home and OK,” she said.

Her 2-year-old Cane Corso, Shadow, had been missing Saturday morning when her 45-year-old husband-to-be Michael March took the pooch to the store — but crashed just minutes after leaving their Gerritsen Beach home.

March was rushed to the NYU Langone hospital, where he died.

But there was no sign of the Shadow, who March took everywhere but work.

Fasano said a volunteer dog trapper, Teddy Hen, and Lost and Found Brooklyn helped track down the pooch, who was found near Floyd Bennet Field.


AnnMarie Fasano’s late fiancé Michael March and 2-year-old Cane Corso, Shadow.

Courtesy of AnnMarie Fasano



March took Shadow everywhere but work.

Courtesy of AnnMarie Fasano

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“They brought him home to me,” she said.

Fasano said the pooch was in a good spirits just a visibly nervous and weak.

“I gave him a chicken cutlet, he dogged it. He’s so scared to be alone he follows me around,” she said.

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