Oklahoma woman shot for stealing man’s Nazi flag from home is suing him


An Oklahoma woman who was shot several times by an Air Force veteran for swiping a Nazi flag hanging outside his home is now suing him for negligence.

Kyndal McVey filed a lawsuit against Alexander Feaster for $75,000 in medical expenses, mental, physical pain and suffering after shooting her on June 28, Newsweek reported.

McVey, 26, was at a house party across the street from Feaster’s home when someone dared her to yank down one of his two Nazi flags, police said.

As she ran back to the party with the flag, Feaster shot at her with his AR-15 rifle, striking her several times in the lower abdomen and legs.

McVey was hospitalized for several weeks but survived.

Feaster, 44, was charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon. He’s been released on $75,000 bail and has a court appearance in March.

He claimed he acted in self defense and that he’s the victim of a hate crime.

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