Parler Board Fires CEO John Matze But Public Statement is Misleading


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Las Vegas, NV — The Parler board of directors has fired CEO John Matze. Fox News reported that it had obtained an internal memo that Matze had sent Parler employees outlining his termination. He said he was terminated immediately and did not have any say in the decision.

The story from Fox shares that he was fighting for the organization, free speech, and providing product stability. While the public story seems to favor Matze, it seems that the story that is being told is not entirely true.

In a video statement, Dan Bongino said that Matze making the statement public was misleading. He said that the advocacy for free speech was coming from other members of the organization.

He shared that he wanted to set the record straight and that now that the statement was public, he wanted to set it straight. He shared that the vision for a free speech platform was by other owners in the organization multiple times.

Bongino continued to repeat that the statements were false. He said that he was not going to say everything about the story behind the scenes, but that there was a lot more to the story. He even said there was a discrepancy about the product stability.

Bongino reiterated that the vision for the company as a free speech site and a stable product immune from cancel culture was the owners, not Matze. You can see Bongino’s full statement in the video below.

Bongino is an investor in Parler and stated that he was part of the fight for Parler and its success. He said that he and the other members were committed. It seems unlikely that Bongino has any reason to lie here, unlike Matze who will be fighting for another job.

Parler went offline in the wake of the Capitol riots in early January and has yet to come back online. Bongino said that the application could have been back online sooner if they would have caved to the pressures of big tech, but that they refuse.

While Matze has promised that the organization would be back online by the end of January, it remains offline. The only thing visible is a few statements made on the company’s main website.

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