Patterns Emerge Giving Hope For Victory Despite Dismal Poll Numbers


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Charlotte, NC — I know what you’re thinking if you’ve read or heard about the data contained in recent polling.  Your first thought might be to laugh it off and say, “This is déjà vu!  This is the same type of polling we saw in 2016!”

And you’d be right!

However, you’d likely be lying to yourself if you haven’t had some doubt in the back of your mind.  The media coverage even before Trump was elected and since has been over 90 percent negative!  They’ve come at him with investigations, the Russia Hoax, the Impeachment Farce, Lockdown Lies, Evaporative Economic Policies, Debate Blowups, and CoVid Contraction—they’ve even floated the 25th Amendment.

Meanwhile, the Left has trained Joe Biden that he is leading a battle for the soul of the nation.  Biden’s campaign motto appeals to the religious and spiritual realm by painting Joe Biden as a kind of pseudo-religious savior for our nation’s allegedly sullied soul.

But Joe Biden is a doddering and deeply confused, gaffe-prone fool that exhibits mental decline during his frequent softball interviews than a slow-pitch championship!

Naturally, however, Republicans have worried. Democrats have gloated. Libertarians and Independents have all weighed in. Now it must be acknowledged President Donald J. Trump is just not capable of winning this Nov. 3.

As Townhall’s Kevin McCullough said recently, “Donald J. Trump just doesn’t have what it takes to just win on November 3 because he’s going to absolutely crush the election that day. A #Trumpslide if you will.

One thing these polls won’t tell you, though, is that the hesitancy to tell pollsters what they think is a real phenomenon.  Back in August, Bloomberg published a survey that demonstrated Republicans and Independents are more than twice as likely as Democrats to not reveal to pollsters their true thoughts.

Townhall has broken down a shortlist of considerations that will give us a better understanding of the race that isn’t dependent on lies, damn lies, and statistics.

The Enthusiasm Gap:

The candidates already know that the president is winning by a mile. President Trump can’t help but to continue to draw massive crowds (even while in the hospital.) Every weekend, in every state, in hundreds of cities bikers, truckers, boaters, horse and buggy people, and regular pedestrians are having larger and larger participation in various parades of support from Miami to Manhattan and from Beverly Hills to Capitol Hill. Meanwhile Biden has trouble getting more than a dozen to show up at a tour stop in Yuma. And we all know people who say “I didn’t vote for him then,” or “I wasn’t really sure about him in 2016,” who have converted to “I’ll crawl over broken glass to vote for him now.”

Black Votes Definitely Matter:

Is it significant that Candace Owens led a “Back the Blue” march through DC and to the White House yesterday consisting of thousands of African American voters? Is it important that President Trump received them? Does it seem to make an impact that President Trump oversaw the fastest job creation for Black Americans with the fastest growth in wages among the poorest Black Americans in the modern era? Evidently it does because he’s currently enjoying (what I perceive to be understated) support anywhere from 18 to 25 percent of Black Americans. When narrowed down to Black men he’s consistently in the low to mid-30s percentage wise. The modern era high for a GOP president is 11 percent. Democrat’s consistently need 90 to 95 percent support of Black voters to win. If Trump gets anything above 11 percent he wins big. If he takes 20 percent or more it starts to reshape states like Pennsylvania where he runs up the score in the west and enjoys enough Black support around Philadelphia so as to win the state convincingly. Carbon copy that for Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, etc.

Latino Support Without the Pandering

Biden also has challenges with Hispanic voters. The president has seen a broad based support with Latinos that similarly to Blacks defies modern era history. One veteran of elections going back multiple decades told me last week that the president may enjoy support as high as 45 to 50 percent of the Hispanic vote. A number that big just seems so unheard of for a Republican. It’s hard for me to grasp. But just realize this: if the president gets anything above 35 percent he will again shatter recent history and entire state compositions begin to shift.

Promises Kept

I’m also very bullish on an old fashioned idea, that if you keep a promise, you’ve earned a second-term. You do realize don’t you that Trump presents the opposite problems of most politicians? Usually a candidate makes a ton of promises and then either breaks them or does very little to fulfill them once in office. Clinton kept three over eight years, Bush kept two (outside of 9/11 related items), Obama a big fat one in his first-term. The president came to office and went to work on day one. He’s lifted more than 2,000 regulations on small businesses, got tax reform done, and started in on his list. By my count 127 promises later he’s still not finished.

But ultimately, with any election, it always boils down to the economy.

Despite their weapons-grade levels of hatred, the Left still hasn’t learned the key lesson from the 2016 election, which is that voters are far more passionate when they have someone to vote for as opposed to someone to vote against.

As insulting as it sounds, it’s still the bottom line. People vote their pocketbook. Voters know this instinctively.

It is inarguable, though some try and fail, the president built the fastest-growing economy the world had ever seen.  Trump built that.  Full stop!

In the past four months, he’s produced the fastest job growth in history at just shy of 12 million jobs created, with more than half of those lost only months before due to the virus and ensuing lockdowns. It was precisely the tax reform and deregulation of businesses that allowed the rebound to occur so quickly.

Just think about all the work President Trump did while he was hospitalized at Walter Reed Medical Center last week.  The media was doing most of the heavy lifting by attacking Trump incessantly, and especially after he was released.

But even a Covid-19 diagnosis and recovery can’t quell the amazing economy Trump has built.  All the money and media support in the world can’t win you the White House if voters aren’t passionate about your candidacy.

And if you don’t believe me, ask President Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats and their media stooges dragged our country down an idiotic rabbit hole, handicapped Trump in the midterms, gave the immediate excuse to justify impeachment, all while making us question our sacred institutions.

The fact is, Joe Biden only has a chance because this four-year attack kept Trump vilified.  And now, by its uniformed non-reporting, the media is helping Biden hobble to the White House.  So many lies get front pages, and so many truths get buried.

As Trump promises to bring troops home from Afghanistan before Christmas, you hear nothing.  As the economy stirs back to life, you hear nothing.  As the Russian collusion story explodes, you hear nothing.

So much of what we should be hearing is, instead, nothing.  The media has turned into a daily infomercial delivering their chosen propaganda to Liberals.

Sadly, the pundits, Never Trumpers, and Democrats will continue to explain away Biden’s every foible. When he says the voters “don’t deserve to know” his view on a 150-year precedent breaking idea of randomly packing the Supreme Court, they will give him a pass. When the Biden-Harris bus rolls in and six people sit in a gym in big circles drawn on the floor, the media will ignore the contrast of 40,000 supporters on a rainy tarmac in Minnesota.

But this election won’t be decided by the pundits, Never Trumpers, and swamp monsters.

The American people are the only poll that matters.

In 22 days, President Trump won’t just win re-election; he will break records, shift turnout patters, and absolutely destroy all obstacles that have been put in his way since he was coming down the escalator in Trump Tower.

This is likely to be the biggest re-election victory since Ronald Reagan.

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