Save up to 56% on this top-rated app for conquering panic attacks and anxiety


Anxiety and panic attacks do not seem to care if you are in the middle of a vacation or if you are about to enter a boardroom. And when they strike, oftentimes unannounced, you are left trying to find ways to find relieve to your feelings of fear, shakes, sweats, and nerves at a moment’s notice with little to no resources.

Rootd, a female-led app that has received rave reviews from professionals and everyday users alike on the App Store and Google Play, hopes to make sure that, even at the most inconvenient of times, you have an always-accessible resource to relieve your anxiety. Unlike other one-size-fits-all treatments, Rootd tailors each of its plans to your individual needs, giving you specialized treatments unique to what you are experiencing.

Rootd comes with a suite of on-demand tools and guided strategies you can employ if you’re feeling uneasy. Its most notable feature, its “panic button,” provides immediate assistance to anyone experiencing a panic attack. Once the button is activated, the app will take you step-by-step through a series of meditative practices to help you return to a sense of calm. And while not a replacement for seeing a professional, Rootd can help give you immediate relief, especially in scenarios when you’re far away from a doctor’s office.

Additionally, users can track their moods and habits, access body scan tools, enjoy nature sounds, and learn from short-term and long-term lessons aimed at shifting how one approaches their anxiety issues.

While a one-year subscription is typically priced at $59, currently those looking to use Rootd’s Anxiety and Meditation App over the next 365 days can access all its resources for $25.99, a savings of 56% off its retail price.

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