Super Bowl streaker pinned down after epic spin move


What’s a Super Bowl played during a pandemic without a fan running onto the field?

There were only 25,000 fans in attendance, but one somehow got onto the field in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl 2021. The Buccaneers’ blowout of the Chiefs was nearly complete when a fan came streaking onto the field at Raymond James Stadium with 5:03 left in the game

“Jim, is that you?” CBS color commentator Tony Romo quipped to his play-by-play partner, Jim Nantz.

The fan, who was mostly clothed, ran more freely than most of the Chiefs’ offensive weapons had all night as they were suffocated by the Buccaneers defense.

After he split two security guards with a spin move, the fan finally slid into the end zone just before he was pinned down by a swarm of guards and police officers.

The debacle led to a thrilling call from Westwood One Sports’ Kevin Harlan:

“Second down, 20, 5:03 to go… someone has run on the field,” Harlan said. “Some guy with a bra. And now, he’s not being chased, he’s running the middle, he’s at the 40. Arms in the air in a victory salute. He’s pulling down his pants, pull up your pants my man! Pull up those pants! He’s being chased to the 30… he breaks a tackle from a security guard at the 20, down the middle at the 10, the five! He slides at the one and they converge on him at the goal line.

“Pull up your pants, take off the bra and be a man! And the players with hands on hips at the other end of the field are looking at him and shaking their heads and saying why, oh why is his taking place in a Super Bowl?”

The stunt was reminiscent of Instagram model Kelly Kay’s foray onto the field during Super Bowl 54 at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium.

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