Twitter and Facebook add warnings to Trump message about Pennsylvania voting


Twitter and Facebook on Monday night added warnings to an election eve message from President Trump that called a Supreme Court decision on voting in Pennsylvania “very dangerous.”

The president had bashed the recent ruling, which allowed absentee ballots in the crucial battleground state to be received for three days after Election Day.

“The Supreme Court decision on voting in Pennsylvania is a VERY dangerous one,” Trump wrote in posts on both social media platforms.

“It will allow rampant and unchecked cheating and will undermine our entire systems of laws. It will also induce violence in the streets. Something must be done!”

Twitter quickly added a warning to the president’s tweet, writing that some or all of its content “is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process.”

It also restricted users from retweeting or interacting with the message.

Facebook, meanwhile, added a label that read: “Both voting by mail and voting in person have a long history of trustworthiness in the US. Voter fraud is extremely rare across voting methods.”

The social media platform did not restrict engagements with the post, which was shared thousands of times by users.

The moves came on the eve of the election between Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

At a rally earlier on Monday in Pennsylvania, Trump also blasted the high court decision, calling it “a very dangerous situation.”

The justices last week refused a request from Republicans to speed-up a hearing on whether the extension for mail-in ballots ordered by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court violates the constitution.

With the extension, ballots postmarked by the time polls close on Nov. 3 can be counted by 5 p.m. on Nov. 6.

More 2.4 million Pennsylvanians have already voted by mail in the contest, according to local officials, who have said it could take several days to tally the results.

In Philadelphia alone, officials have received more than 400,000 mail-in ballots — which won’t start being counted until polls open at 7 a.m., Mayor Jim Kenney said Monday, urging patience.

The delay in counting votes in the Democrat-heavy City of Brotherly Love could mean that Trump may open up a huge lead in Pennsylvania over Biden, only to see it disappear as Philadelphia tallies its vote.

Trump on Sunday said his campaign will be sending teams of lawyers into swing states to challenge mail-in ballot extensions.

Though the Supreme Court refused to block the Pennsylvania extension, some conservative justices have indicated they could revisit the issue after the election.

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