We Hear You: Why America Is Exceptional


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Dear Daily Signal: Our nation’s history is a source of fascination and inspiration to me. The more I study the people, events and miraculous occurrences that shaped our past, the more I realize that America is exceptional. 

Events of the past several months have left me brokenhearted. Tunnel-vision narratives that have distorted our nation’s heritage and villainized many of our country’s greatest leaders by focusing solely on their faults (i.e. The 1619 Project) have contributed in part to the many vitriolic, destructive rampages throughout our country.

Mobs have sought to demolish monuments and eradicate references honoring the same people whom I firmly recognize and humbly revere as instrumental in the creation of our country, and whose efforts implemented and perpetuated our sacred liberties.  

How rare and precious are the freedoms we enjoy, as advanced by our Founding Fathers and for which myriads have fought and died. Though acquired decades later for blacks, such freedoms in fact were ultimately acquired.

Many wholly disregard the immense progress our country has made and perpetuate the fallacious idea that America is inherently racist. 

Likewise regularly disregarded from America’s history textbooks are references to the several miracles that played an inestimable role in the creation of our country and liberties. The events that comprised Lincoln’s resolve to issue the Emancipation Proclamation demonstrate divine intervention.

The fact that Lincoln looked to God in this controversial matter is generally omitted. The miraculous finding of Lee’s “Special Order No. 191,” contributing to the Union’s victory at Antietam and providing the answer to Lincoln’s prayer on how to address the long-perplexing, nation-dividing subject of slavery, remains commonly marginalized.  

America continues to face innumerable divisive issues. It is imperative that we holistically learn our history and humbly look to God for his desperately needed, miraculous assistance.—Heather Mae Donbrosky, New Kent, Va.

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Dear Daily Signal: An America hater once asked on Instagram, “Why you rep (as in represent, i.e. constantly wear) the flag so much?”

What he really meant was: “Why do YOU as a black man rep the flag so much?”

Sadly, it wasn’t an honest question from a sincere dissident. No, it was a dishonest dig to defame any American with a year ’round suntan thinking beyond the limited litter box that liberal colonizers reserve for black people.

Why do I rep the flag so hard? Because it’s my flag too and I want the absolute best for all born under it or who legally, heroically came here to be part of its living fabric.

I rep the flag so hard because I want everyone to experience the greatness, not guarantees, it offers by weaving we who love her into a perfect union busily perfecting itself.

I rep the flag so hard because I foolishly dream of a day when no American feels so much like an outcast that he or she kneels during the national anthem or rises up to shoot police officers or Republican members of Congress.

That’s why I rep the flag so hard—for a more perfect union, busily perfecting itself for all of you.—Nadra (“Cap Black”) Renzi, New Orleans


America is exceptional because of its separation of powers, rule of law, and provision for upward mobility.—Rebecca Behrends


I really enjoyed the podcast with Tony Salinski (“Far Left Similar to Communist Movement, Former Student Radical Says”). I’ve incorporated some of his statements in Virginia Allen’s interview into a piece I’m writing about how the left thinks, argues, and departs from civility.

My piece dovetails well with Tony’s message on how, when he taught both left and right ideas to students, 70% picked right.

I’ve thought a great deal about why the left always loses once they have power, and about elevator arguments against them that expand on what Tony said on the podcast.—David Walls-Kaufman

On the Ground in Portland

Dear Daily Signal: Virginia Allen is a brave woman, in the thick of things, and a good reporter (rare these days). Thanks to her for the podcast interview with Marine veteran Gabe Johnson headlined “He Went to the Scene of the Fatal Shooting in Portland. Here’s What He Saw.”

It’s refreshing to get some “real insider” perspective. For a long time now, truth has become a rarity because so much news is homogenized by the political left, particularly if it’s pro-American. Truth has become a relative quantity, difficult at best to separate from fiction.

As for Allen’s interview with Johnson, unfortunately I am not as optimistic as the former Marine. Like Johnson, I am also a vet. I have lost family (and friends) as part of our inherent duty to keep this country free and safe with service—as far back as the Civil War, and up to and including Afghanistan.

I have witnessed, and presume the same for Gabe, the results of tyranny and mayhem in other countries. Personally I’ve been to the “Killing Fields” of Cambodia and Laos; two of the “detainment” camps in Poland and Germany; Cuba; and Venezuela. I can’t begin to explain some of my experiences in regions of China. Once tyranny rears its head, it is hard to cut off, and many, many people die in the process.

The left’s disdain for the military, our constitutional freedoms, and our form of government is contemptuous and disgusting, but not a new phenomenon. And now that the left has linked with major media, big tech, and big money, they are a formidable enemy to our way of life.

With Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 and what the Democrats have done during the past four years since—a coup d’etat and impeachment, just to name two—I can envision armed conflict ahead.

The Washington Post recently warned that if Joe Biden loses there will be catastrophic violence, which I believe was the left’s goal from the beginning. Unfortunately, this simply drives my belief that, although Gabe’s plea for reason and discussion is admirable and well-reasoned, and by all means should be attempted, there will not be a peaceful resolution to the poisoning of the minds of children and minorities for decades.

Best of luck, keep up the good work, and watch your backside. As you likely know better than me, if you’re not one of “them,” you are the enemy.—Ron Coleman, Bradenton, Fla.  


That was a very informative interview that Virginia Allen did with Gabe Johnson from Portland, Oregon (“Iraq War Veteran Likens Portland to Living in a War Zone“). These riots, the vandalism, and the deaths are not going to stop until Black Lives Matter and similar groups get appropriate penalties.

An appropriate penalty cannot be fingerprinting and releasing.

When groups like Black Lives Matter are treated with kid gloves, this is not going to change.

Johnson, a Marine veteran, doesn’t deserve to have this conflict in his life. Like all the other property owners in the area, his property has decreased in value. The longer this violence is allowed to continue, the property and home values will go only one way.

Restrictions to a certain area or jail time must happen, or this is going to continue.  Thanks again for a very informative interview.—Reggie Dickson, Battle Creek, Mich.

FBI, Foreign Interests, and Clinton

Dear Daily Signal: As I read Fred Lucas’ powerful article, the language and “friendly nature” of the FBI outreach to the Hillary Clinton campaign’s New York office is what is the most troubling (“3 Key Points in Newly Released FBI Documents on Foreign Bid to Influence Clinton Campaign”).

It seems clear that the FBI was well aware of this so-called influence effort by a foreign government, and was smoke-screening the Clinton campaign by “outreach” for the “defensive briefing” only when forced to do it.  

In other words, the FBI had not planned to do a defensive briefing at all; it was simply an internal process measure to ensure the Clinton campaign knew that someone was on their trail.  So then-FBI Director James Comey knew all along and was already “smarter.”  Complicit FBI agents were planning to brief the Clinton campaign on exactly what it was knowingly, covertly orchestrating to solicit foreign funding.  

To follow up, the Clinton campaign and complicit FBI and CIA agents and media concocted the Russia hoax to further smokescreen and aid Clinton’s efforts to solicit foreign funds. In so doing, they all but and ensured the public would believe this nonsense, and it would result in numerous BS investigations by leftists and never-Trumpers inside and outside the swamp.

When complicit media outlets (including Fox News Channel) propagandized the bogus Trump-Russia narratives and lies, they opened the door to socialism even wider.  It is a sick, sick reality.  

It is so ironic that leftists continue to blame Trump and conservatives for being guilty of what they do each and every day in broad daylight (i.e., racism, illegal campaigns, supporting hate and the destruction of our  cities, weaponizing government agencies, cancel culture). Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you can’t tell, I’m a bit passionate on the subject.—Mike Schaeffer, Missouri

Trump’s War With Anonymity

Dear Daily Signal: I’m a citizen observer, dutifully chronicling some of the tragic and often bizarre tribulations of human history. Thus, I feel it’s my duty to unmask some startling revelations about President Donald Trump. 

Admittedly, some of these findings stretch the limits of credibility.  Still, I think they should be strongly considered as viable contributions to the current field of “serious journalism” we practice today.

Thankfully, this sobering mission has been artfully enhanced by my cache of “anonymous sources.” Filled with patriotic fervor, these truth seekers have come forward to shine a light on some alleged nefarious deeds by No. 45.

I might add that these heroes have come out of the shadows with little regard for their personal safety or fortune. Especially the fortune part.

Warning: The following is not for the faint of heart.

—D.T. are the initials of the man used as the primary source by Woodward and Bernstein to help bring down President Richard Nixon. Anonymous sources insist D.T. actually stands for “Deep Trump” and not “Deep Throat.”

—A long-held photo obtained by the FBI shows Donald Trump standing near the grassy knoll right after John Kennedy was shot.

—Julius Caesar was clearly heard moaning, “Et tu, Donald?” as he died from his mortal wounds.

—John Wilkes Booth, did not assassinate President Abraham Lincoln. Who did? You guessed it:  Donald Trump, sources verify.

—Trump brokered peace deals between Bahrain and Israel and between the United Arab Emirates and Israel. Why? Sources say it’s because he hates the Jewish people. Go figure.

These are just a few of Trump’s stealthy indiscretions. That’s why editorial boards continue to hum. Book deals are being signed with fevered rapidity. Money is being transferred like cat hair to a sofa.

I wonder what the Bob Woodwards of the world will do when Trump descends the White House stairs and departs for the last time.  I bet all the up and coming “anonymous sources” shudder at the thought.—Robert Mack, Philadelphia

And Finally …

Dear Daily Signal: Regarding the presidential pardon for suffragist Susan B. Anthony (“Trump Pardons Susan B. Anthony on 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage“), you might find this column of mine interesting.

My great- grandfather, lawyer and journalist Aaron Augustus Sargent, was the U.S. senator who first introduced, in 1878, the language that would become the 19th Amendment guaranteeing women the right to vote.  

He and his wife were close friends of Susan B. Anthony, and they wrote to each other often. We donated the letters to the Searls Historical Library in Nevada City, California.—Bill Sargent, Galveston, Texas

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