Would-be tourist uses fake ‘essential worker’ job letter to travel


An Irishman was so desperate for a sunny vacation in Tenerife that he waved a fake employer letter at the Dublin airport last month saying he was an “essential worker” scheduled for a job at a Tenerife hotel.

The traveler, who was not identified, was described in the phony document as an “Electronic Security Systems Provider, which is an essential service in Europe and covered by the Irish Government advice of January 24th,” the Sun reported Saturday.

The letter had been issued by the “Human Resources Department of (company),” and that “the individual will provide an essential service at (hotel) in Tenerife, Spain.”

However, Irish police realized the letter was phony and the would-be holiday goer was fined about $600, the Sun reported.

“COVID-19 doesn’t switch-off so that people can attend parties, or go on holidays, or gather in large groups,” police said in a statement.

So far 375 fines have been issued at Dublin Airport to people for leaving the country for non-essential travel.

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