South Carolina State Fund director fired over hiring husband for $600K contract


Gov. Henry McMaster has removed from office South Carolina State Accident Fund Director Amy Cofield by executive order and called for an investigation into a contract signed by the agency last month.

In a letter to the state inspector general, McMaster asked the office to “conduct a thorough investigation to determine whether criminal violations of state law have occurred,” alleging that Cofield either directly or indirectly hired her husband, Jimmy Terrapin, as a project manager or third-party consultant.

Cofield had served as director of the State Accident Fund since January 2019. The SAF entered a two-year, $600,000 contract with the staffing firm Globalpundits Technology Consultancy Inc. on Jan. 6. Terrapin was listed as project manager for the job.

McMaster requested an investigation Monday into “significant ethical and legal questions about the conduct of employees” at the State Accident Fund.

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