'This decision is CRAZY': Trump hits Supreme Court ruling about North Carolina mail-in ballots


President Trump bashed the Supreme Court’s decision to reject a Republican effort to block a mail-in ballot extension in North Carolina.

The Supreme Court ruled 5-3 on Wednesday that mail-in ballots collected up to nine days after the Nov. 3 election would still be allowed to count as long as they are postmarked by Election Day. The ruling was a win for Democrats and a loss for the Trump campaign and GOP, which had asked the court to consider reimposing a deadline that would allow for ballot collection only up to three days after the election.

“This decision is CRAZY and so bad for our Country. Can you imagine what will happen during that nine day period. The Election should END on November 3rd,” Trump said on Friday in response to a Wednesday tweet from NPR announcing the Supreme Court’s decision.

The Wednesday Supreme Court loss for Republicans was followed by another blow when the high court rejected a similar effort to block the mail-in voting extension in North Carolina on Thursday. Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh joined the liberal justices in the ruling while Associate Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Neil Gorsuch said they would have granted the Republican request. The newest Associate Justice, Amy Coney Barrett, was not involved in the decision.

Also, this week, the Supreme Court blocked a request from Republicans in Pennsylvania to overturn a decision by the state’s high court to allow mail-in ballots to be returned up to three days after the election, even if there isn’t a legible postmark.

The Pennsylvania and North Carolina decisions deviated from a Monday Supreme Court decision that rejected an attempt by Democrats in Wisconsin to extend the mail-in voting deadline by six days. The 5-3 ruling differed from the one in Pennsylvania because it came from a lower federal court where an appeals court had then blocked the order.

Voting by mail has been a hot topic in this year’s presidential contest. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, record numbers of people have been voting early in-person and by mail. President Trump, who voted early in-person last weekend, has knocked voting by mail and claimed it could lead to voter fraud.

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