Trump campaign leans on Fauci in new ad


President Donald Trump’s campaign is out with its first ad touting his recovery from Covid-19 — featuring a cameo from the nation’s top infectious diseases expert, Anthony Fauci.

Trump, who has a hot and cold relationship with the director of the National Institutes for Allergies and Infectious Diseases, appears to be attempting to capitalize upon Fauci’s popularity among voters as he tries to boost his flailing campaign in the last three weeks of the race.

The 30-second ad, which is airing in Michigan, centers around Trump’s own diagnosis with coronavirus last week, which Trump has used since being discharged from a three-day stay in the hospital to urge Americans not to fear the virus that has now killed more than 213,000 Americans and sickened 7.7 million others.

“President Trump is recovering from the coronavirus, and so is America,” the ad’s narrator says, before lauding what’s been a widely panned response from the White House. “Together we rose to meet the challenge, protecting our seniors, getting them life saving drugs in record time, sparing no expense.”

“President Trump tackled the virus head on as leaders should,” the ad continues, before featuring comments made by Fauci in late March speaking about the mobilization.

“I can’t imagine … that anybody could be doing more,” Fauci says.

The ad concludes on an optimistic note, echoing the president’s “don’t be afraid of Covid” rhetoric.

“We’ll get through this together. We’ll live carefully, but not afraid,” it says.

While the new ad features praise from Fauci, who has become a household name for his blunt talk and candor throughout the pandemic, the infectious diseases expert earlier this week referred to the White House event after which numerous attendees tested positive for the virus as a “super spreader event.”

And though the ad touts Trump’s recovery, while the president has said he feels healthy again, the White House has declined to say whether Trump has tested negative for coronavirus since his initial diagnosis. Despite this, Trump is hosting supporters at the White House Saturday afternoon in what’s being billed as a “peaceful protest” for law and order by the White House.

The ad also features images of Trump wearing a face mask, a public health precaution he initially scorned and the week of his diagnosis even mocked a political opponent for wearing.

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